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Our personalized treatment pampers your skin leaving your looking and feeling glamorous.

Unlike traditional facials, the innovative LUVO Bela MD technology used by our highly trained physician, Dr. Murad, offers deeper penetration and longer lasting result. Eventually, you will enjoy the healthy skin you look for. Through our complimentary consultation, Dr. Murad will determine the best and most efficient treatment package to address your skin concerns.
What is Hydra-Facial Treatment
How does the BELA MD work

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What is Hydra-Facial Treatment?

Hydra-facial treatment combines multiple effective technologies along with H2 (hydrogen) therapy to provide exfoliated, deeply hydrated skin infused with powerful ingredients for healthier and luminous skin.

How does the BELA MD work?

Bela MD is a unique system that combines multiple techniques to treat various skin concerns. It combines a micro-dermabrasion tip to exfoliate the skin, bio-infusion serum to target specific skin conditions, and biomechanical stimulation to enhance circulation.
Its innovative implementation of H2 therapy for an antioxidant effect, completed by electroporation to promote cell permeability, ensures enhanced cell uptake throughout for optimal rejuvenated results.

Do the Hydra-Facial Treatments hurt?

The facial treatment is a non-invasive, virtual treatment. You can enjoy little to no downtime immediately following the treatment.

When will I see results and how long will they last?

The healing process will begin immediately after the procedure. Your skin may present with a light rosy glow following treatment; this is dependent on your individual skin reactivity and sensitivity. Optimal results are best achieved with monthly treatments for long-term effects.

Are Hydra-Facials safe?

Facial treatments are very safe. Its use of medium frequency biomechanical stimulation and small electric field throughout the process ensures a safe and effective treatment for all skin types. Through our free consultation, Dr. Murad will discuss your current health and medical history to determine which hydra-facial treatment is the right fit for you!

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Our professionals will happily answer your questions. Contact us today!
Treatment Area
Treatment Benefit
hydrates skin, smooths lines, improves complexion
Treatment Time
60-90 min
Pain Level
Recovery Time