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Thin skin

Skin becomes thinner as a person ages, or as a result of sun damage, medication, or lifestyle factors. Sometimes, it is not reversible, but there are some ways to protect skin and prevent complications. At Revive Cosmetic Clinic, our professionals will determine the best needed practice to help you get rid of your thin skin.

Causes of thinning of the skin

Aging - the most common cause of thin skin.

Sunlight plays a significant role in thinning the skin over time. Skin cells can be damaged or killed by UVA and UVB rays.

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle, smoking and drinking alcohol speed up skin aging, which also contributes to thinning of the skin over time.

Possible Treatment Options

At Revive Cosmetic Clinic, our professionals diagnose your case to determine the best treatment option for you. If you have any further details regarding thin skin condition, contact our clinic and book your free consultation.


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Microneedling to thicken the skin

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