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Cool Renewal


What is it?

How does the procedure work?

Does Cool Renewal® hurt?



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What are Cool Renewal?

Cool Renewal® uses a non-flammable freezing agent to effectively treat 17 types of skin lesions including but not limited to warts (including plantar warts), skin tags, age spots, small keloids, angiomas, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis and more.

How do Cool Renewal work?

Cool Renewal® uses an applicator to freeze the target tissue to -70 degree Celsius. This allows the tissue to be destroyed, scab, slough off, and then new health tissue to grow. The procedure of freezing and thawing takes less than two minutes, with up to three freeze-thaw cycles in the same visit. Follow-up appointments are scheduled 2 weeks after the first treatment to assess if additional treatments are necessary.

Does Cool Renewal® hurt?

The Cool Renewal® procedure itself is virtually painless as the freezing procedure is isolated to the target area, ensuring surrounding healthy tissue is protected. Patients may feels a small sting as the cryogen is initially applied, but given its cold temperature, the area will become numb within seconds

When will I see results and how long will they last?

With a successful treatment, the treated area may blister, turn a dark brown or black, or form a crust/scab within a few hours or days. This is normal and part of the destruction and healing process. If a scab or crust forms, it is recommended that you not pick, pull or irritate the scab, and let it slough naturally. This should take approximately 7-14 days, depending on the skin lesion size, location and your healing ability. Once the scab has sloughed, the new skin may be red, sensitive, or even itch as it is healing. Do not bandage, irritate, or apply medications after the scab falls off. Normal skin color should return over a few weeks or months.

Is Cool Renewal® Safe?

Cool Renewal® treatments are very safe as the technology uses various applicators to safeguard and protect surrounding regions whilst acting on the target areas.

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Treatment Area
Body & Face

Treatment Benefit
Reduces tags, sun spots, age spots

Treatment Time
10 min

Pain Level
Minor discomfort to zero

Recovery Time
Treatment area scabs and heals over 14 days